Let's Practice Last Week's Customer-Centric Approach!

2 Actionable Practices to Validate Our Ideas from BizStack (Reddit and A Dog Walking App)

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Last week, we talked about customer-centricity. This week, let's ditch theory and dive into ACTION! 

This week's issue shows how a solopreneur used Reddit to unlock the secrets of their ideal customer's heart (and mind!). Get ready to be inspired and see how you can replicate this approach ANYWHERE in your business.

Ready to transform customer understanding from theory to growth fuel? Check out the video below, and get ready to take action!

Let’s go over another example of how Customer-Centric Approach is applied below:

A Dog Walking App

Solopreneur on the Go: Validating My Dog Walking App

The Pups' Pain: Our furry friends need walks, but busy schedules leave them stuck at home.

Feeling the Leash-Strain?

  1. Ever struggle to find time to walk your dog during your busy day? (Yes/No)

  2. How guilty do you feel (on a scale of 1- "meh" to 5- "heartbroken pup-eyes") when you can't walk your dog?

Wagging a Solution:

  1. What's your biggest challenge in getting your dog regular walks? (Open-ended)

  2. Imagine an app that connects you with reliable dog walkers for on-demand walks. Would that ease your mind? (Yes/No)

Top Dog App?

  1. Have you ever used a dog walking service before? (Yes/No)

  2. What features would be most important in a dog walking app? (Open-ended)

  3. Would you be comfortable using an app to schedule walks for your dog? (Yes/No)

Who's the Good Boy/Girl?

  1. Tell me a bit about your breed and their exercise needs. (Open-ended)

  2. How do you usually find pet care services? (Open-ended)

Bonus Tip!

  • Is there anything about dog walking that I haven't considered? (Open-ended)

Remember: Keep it short, spark conversation, and focus on understanding pet owner needs.

See you next week.

β€” Mert Yildirim


Semrush Local - Elevate Your Local Business πŸ’Ή

This week, we spotlight Semrush Local, a powerful tool designed to sharpen your digital strategy and dramatically increase your local customer base, reviews, and sales.

Key Features:

  • Boost Your Rankings: Ensure your business information is consistent across over 150 directories, enhancing voice search compatibility and local search presence.

  • Manage Customer Reviews: Easily monitor, analyze, and respond to customer reviews across multiple platforms, utilizing AI to save time and strengthen your brand voice.

  • Competitive Insights: Gain a competitive edge with detailed analytics on your Google Maps rankings and direct comparisons with local competitors.

Why Choose Semrush Local? Semrush Local automates crucial aspects of your online presence, freeing you to focus on core business activities. Join thousands of businesses already growing with Semrush Local's comprehensive tools.

You can scan your location for free and get a real-time online presence score to kickstart your local business growth.


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