🧰 Steal My Content Distribution Machine

Elevate Content Visibility with Automation

Happy Wednesday!

As a content creator, I understand the significance of creating and strategically distributing content. Today, I want to share with you the automated process I use at BizStack to ensure our articles reach as many eyes as possible.

🧰 Steal My Content Distribution Machine

Immediate Google Indexing API Submission

When I publish an article, it's submitted to the Google Indexing API. This ensures Google quickly indexes the content. If you're interested in how this works for free, here's a guide from Rank Math that I found helpful.

Indexing via Omega Indexer

I use Omega Indexer1 API and Pabbly Connect2 to further boost our article's online presence.

Auto-Publishing to Medium

I also automatically post our articles on BizStack Medium publication using Pabbly Connect. This expands our reach to Medium's audience.

Social Media Sharing

Next, the article is shared on our Instagram Profile, LinkedIn Page, Facebook Page, and Telegram Channel. This is done through a mix of Pabbly Connect and ChatGPT API.

Lastly, the article’s featured image and link are shared on Pinterest using their Bulk Create Pins feature. It’s a fantastic way to reach more people visually.

Even if it sounds like a very hard thing to do, actually, it’s not.

Here’s the video where I go step by step to show how each one works:

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