Unleash Your Business's Potential with Blue Ocean Strategy

Actual Practices and Actionable Steps to Win the Game

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Ahoy, Business Mavericks!

In the turbulent seas of commerce, are you tired of battling it out in overcrowded markets, fighting tooth and nail for a sliver of profit? It's time to hoist the sails of innovation and chart a course for the unexplored waters of the Blue Ocean Strategy.

🌊 Discover the Blue Ocean: Instead of wading in the crimson tide of cutthroat competition, envision yourself navigating a vast expanse of opportunity. Blue Ocean Strategy challenges the status quo, urging businesses to create uncontested market space where competition is irrelevant.

🎪 Cirque du Soleil's Success: Witness the spectacle of Cirque du Soleil, a trailblazer in the entertainment industry. By reimagining the circus experience, they transcended traditional boundaries and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Southwest Airlines Soars: Take flight with Southwest Airlines, pioneers of low-cost travel. By catering to an underserved market, they revolutionized the airline industry and soared to new heights of success.

🌊 Your Voyage Awaits: But wait – isn't the market already saturated? Fear not. Blue Ocean Strategy unveils hidden opportunities and empowers businesses of all sizes to chart their course to success.

Set sail with BizStack, dear readers. The horizon beckons and the journey promises boundless rewards.

Fair winds and following seas,

Check this article for more about Blue Ocean Strategy:

See you next week.

— Mert Yildirim


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Surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with MamaRap, a unique gift that turns your cherished memories into a personalized rap song. Created by us at Intale AI, where I am the co-founder, MamaRap combines your stories and emotions with custom beats to create a heartfelt musical tribute.

How It Works:

  1. Share Memories: Reflect on special moments to inspire the lyrics.

  2. Choose a Beat: Select a beat that suits her style, from classic to contemporary.

  3. Get Your Song and the Video: We’ll send you a custom animated music video to bring your rap to life.

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🌐 Make Mother’s Day unforgettable with a custom rap song from MamaRap by Intale. Don’t forget to apply your discount at checkout!

Gift your mom a truly unique expression of love this year with MamaRap.


BizStack Weekly Progress

Here’s how the BizStack Website and the Newsletter performed in the last four weeks. Since Mert joined the team, we have had a steady pace of publishing newsletters and an increasing trend of open rates!

Done in Last 7 Days

I had a sore throat and rested at home at the weekend. I also had time to work on my side projects. So, this week, I have a relatively bigger list.

  • [BizStack] Reviewed an article rewrite by a freelancer writer

  • [BizStack] Sent the newsletter

  • [BizStack] Replied to LinkedIn Leads' questions

  • [Intale AI] Revamped the footer of the site

  • [BizStack] Ordered new backlink campaigns from my agency

  • [Intale AI] Sent the salaries of team members

  • [Intale AI] Started working on the MamaRap Product Hunt launch

  • [MamaRap] Improved the song generation form and emails sent to users.

  • [BizStack] Added a new item to my best purchases under $100 article.

  • [MamaRap] - Improved Email Templates' Copy

  • [MamaRap] Fixed image generation issues

  • [Intale AI] Added chat widget to the site

  • [MamaRap] Added randomly selecting background music and vocals for variety

  • [MamaRap] Now lyrics are clear and better

  • [MamaRap] Email footer fixed

  • [MamaRap] Enabled shortened URL with open graph image

What have you done lately? What are your goals for this week? Reply to this email or comment on the website.

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— Cagri Sarigoz & Mert Yildirim

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